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    Delivering The Right Clicks
    to the Right Prospects
    at the Right Time!
    Uncompromised approach to help you achieve your marketing goals,
    through high quality targeted clicks.

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    Our focus: Your long term ROI & Revenue
    Our mission: Manage Permission Based & Remarketing Campaigns

What We Do?

TrafficGeneration is a marketing company specialized in driving high quality targeted clicks to companies through fully managed email marketing and remarketing campaigns across all industry sectors.


(source: Monetate)


We deliver permission based (from Optin Lists) Clicks to our clients in several industries and GEOs. We assess optin lists and only deliver your message to the most relevant ones based on your goals (lead generation, brand awareness, sales, shares, remarketing...)


Combining the power of email marketing to remarketing greatly improves conversion rates and engagement. You reach your goals quicker and get precise monitoring of your conversion and acquisition costs


We are analytics geeks and we can help you develop conversion optimization processes. We carefully monitor campaigns we manage and suggest hypothesis to better optimize your conversion funnels.

How can we help?

We understand customer behaviors, we understand conversion processes, and we can apply our skills to your specific needs and goals. Whether you only want a few thousands targeted clicks, or a fully managed and optimized Traffic & Conversion campaign, we can help!

We will work closely with your team, design the right campaign and closely monitor it to ensure maximum performance

Just get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your next campaigns.

Some numbers

(in Millions) Optin Subscribers (different countries and industries)
Email Clicks Per Month
in %, Average Optin Conversion Rate


Whether you're an Internet Marketer, a SME willing to expand or a Fortune 500 company willing to run high converting campaigns, we can design tailor made solutions.

Social Media

We can run standalone social media campaigns to grow your user's base and brand awareness on social networks

Lead Generation

Our core business is to send highly targeted clicks to your lead generation pages so that you can grow your business

Conversion Optimization

Do you have a funnel in place and would like to scientifically optimize it? We will run email marketing campaigns and social ads to optimize your funnels based your goals.


Do you have email traffic you are looking to monetise? Contact us so that we can review your list building process and assess it for insertion into our inventory.

If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us. We'll get in touch right away.

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